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Our Microdairy

Why Dairy is Important to Us

The Matras Maple Sugarhouse & Dairy microdairy is run by Willie and Lindsay Matras. Willie and Lindsay have a special vision of selling their milk to the local public directly from their farm. Currently the dairy includes 2 milk cows and 3 young stock (future milk cows!). Raw milk is offered to customers who sign up for weekly milk pickup, similar to a CSA-style of selling milk. They also sell homemade ice cream available in three different flavors. All products are available for purchase at the Matras Maple Sugarhouse.

Willie and Lindsay have a special relationship with dairy farming. Willie grew up with family milk cows and sold the extra raw milk out of the sugarhouse back in the day. Lindsay grew up on a dairy farm and found caring for and milking the family's herd of 50 cows together with her parents and sister to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding ways to grow up. There is a fun twist here - Willie worked on Lindsay's family farm for many years, first tagging along with his older brother at 10 years old, and then working there in one capacity or another until he was 20. (Lindsay and Willie's paths crossed permanently when they got married in 2017!)

The couple started their own small dairy in 2021 with the offspring of one of Willie's former Jersey milk cows he had as a young man. This cow, Blue, has been the main milker in their herd as they work to grow and scale their small dairy where they sell their milk to the local public. They recently added a red Holstein to the herd, who is originally from Lindsay's family's farm.

Feeding the cows top quality grass-based feed and giving them a nurturing and positive atmosphere is something that comes naturally to both Willie and Lindsay. They work every day to help the cows embrace their full "cowness." One of their favorite parts of the day is walking up to the pasture to bring the cows home for the night and hearing them munching on fresh grass, content with full bellies.

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