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Maple Month
Open Sugarhouse

March is the heart of the sugaring season.

We invite you to come visit our quaint, rustic sugarhouse in March to experience the sights and smells of the season.

Make it an all day event! Visit the NH Maple Producers website and pick out several sugarhouses to visit. Touring around the countryside to sugarhouses during mud season is a wonderful New Hampshire tradition.


When to Come

2023 Season

March 11 | 10 - 3*

March 18 | 10 - 4 (NH Maple Weekend)

March 19 | 12:30 - 5 (NH Maple Weekend)

March 25 | 10 - 3*

*boiling only if we have sap - check our social media pages for latest updates!

Photo: Jennifer Bakos
Photo: Jennifer Bakos

The Experience

Take a deep breath and smell the sweet sap being made into maple syrup.

Talk with the sugarmakers as they load the evaporator, draw off syrup, and check sap levels.

Shop a wide variety of maple syrup and other locally made products.


Products Available

MAPLE syrup in plastic and glass containers

MAPLE cream, candy, and sugar

Handmade MAPLE ice cream

Artwork by Gene Matras

MAPLE milk made with raw milk from our own cows

Cows milk soap

Photo: Jennifer Bakos
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