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  • What is the difference between amber and dark maple syrup?
    Amber is lighter-tasting maple syrup (most often found in grocery stores), whereas dark has a stronger maple flavor.
  • Do you have maple syrup available year-round?
    Yes, we produce a large amount of maple syrup each year and it is available year-round.
  • What is the difference between the plastic and glass containers?
    Nothing other than appearance! Both contain our delicious maple syrup.
  • What are the other ingredients in the maple cream, maple candy, and maple sugar?
    The only ingredient we use to make maple cream, maple candy, and maple sugar is pure maple syrup!
  • Why aren't butter and ice cream always available?
    The production of dairy cows fluctuates throughout the year. During the times of year when the cows are producing a lot of milk we use the extra milk to make butter and ice cream products.
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